Leaders of Damdami Taksaal

What Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee gave to the Khalsa Panth

Sant Jee would travel all over India with 100-150 Singhs in the Jatha, whom they would teach Katha, Keertan etc. Doing Gurmat Parchar they gave Amrit to hundreds of thousands, made thousands into Shud Paatis ( those that can recite Gurbani correctly), and made many into Gianis (knowledgeable ones).

Sant Jee would teach their students the meanings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Dasam Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Bhai Gurdaas Deean Vaaran and Kabbit Savaiyai, Bhai Nand Lal Jee’s Gazals, Sri Guru Panth Parkash, Gur Bilas Patshahee 6 and 10, Mehma Parkash, Sri Nanak Parkash, Sri Gur Partap Suraj Granth, other small books, Prabodh Chandar Natak, Vichaar Saagar, Birtee Prabhakar, Moksh Panth, etc. At both times (morning and evening) sangat would listen to katha and the vidarthees would open up their pothia and they would listen to the arths, and write them down and do veechar of them. 


This travelling university (Taksal) not only gave gurmat vidya to students, but it also made the students into true gursikhs. A lot of Parchar of gursikhi has been done and continues to be done to this day, with Maharaj Jee’s kirpa. Many of Sant Jee’s students have become Granthi Singhs at the Five Takhats and other historical Gurdwarai throughout India. Many became scholars and katha vaachiks.


Some of the main students names are listed below:

  1. Sant Harnaam Singh Jee Paatshah, Chakarvartee who taught Gurmat Vidya at Village Jogewal, District Faridkot. They made many into Shud Paatis ( those that can recite Gurbani correctly), and joined a lot of Sangat with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee.
  2. Sachkand Vaasi Sri Maan Bhagat Ujjagger Singh Jee
  3. Giani Daleep Singh, Katha Vaachik at Gurdwara Manjee Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib
  4. Sri Maan Giani Mohan Singh Jee, who is doing Gurmat Parchar with a Jatha of Singhs
  5. Singh Sahib Giani Kirpal Singh, Head Granthi Sri Darbar Sahib, and Jathedar Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib
  6. Singh Sahib Giani Mani Singh Jee, Granthi Sri Darbar Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib
  7. Sachkand Vasi Singh Sahib Giani Kapoor Singh Jee, Head Granthi Sri Darbar Sahib Jee
  8. Baba Mehar Singh Jee Birakat, Village Mandiala, District Gurdaspur, who made many into Shud Paatis of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee
  9. Giani Amar Singh Jee Kritee, Village Maloo ka Fatha, who made countless singhs into Shud Paatis
  10. Giani Mehinder Singh Jee Paniaalee, Granthi at Sri Kesgarh Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib
  11. Giani Joginder Singh Jee, Guru Kaa Baagh
  12. Giani Karam Singh Jee, Garhvaiee ( personal assistant) from Calcutta
  13. Giani Preetam Singh Jee, Sarhand Mandee
  14. Giani Swarn Singh Jee, Takarvaal
  15. Sachkand Vaasi Giani Nand Singh Jee, Rairoo Sahib
  16. Sachkand Vaasi Giani Gujan Singh Jee, Jasowal
  17. Giani Preetam Singh Jee, Nairobee
  18. Giani Niranjan Singh Jee, Sraai
  19. Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Raagi, Upalhairee
  20. Giani Bhagwan Singh Jee, Maarhee Mega
  21. Giani Balwant Singh Jee, Who did Seva in Africa
  22. Giani Joginder Singh Jee Kahaarpuree
  23. Giani Inderjeet Singh Jee
  24. Giani Prataap Singh Jee Langhiaana
  25. Giani Meva Singh Jee, Kathavaachik Kaindree Sri Gur Singh Sabha, Sri Amritsar Sahib
  26. Giani Kirpal Singh Jee Boparai
  27. Giani Baldev Singh Jee, Head Granthi Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib, Patiala
  28. Giani Nahar Singh Jee, Head Granthi Gurdwara Dookh Niwaran Sahib, Patiala
  29. Vaid Niranjan Singh Jee Mahant Gurdwara Boparai, Ludhiana
  30. Giani Pooran Singh Jee Dehli
  31. Giani Preetam Singh Jee Africa

Apart from these names there are many more students that have done and are doing Gurmat Parchar.

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