The Ten Gurus & Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee

Sri Guru Amar Das Sahib Jee

Guru Amar Das JiFor their religious scriptures Guru Amar Das collected an anthology of writings including hymns of Guru Nanak and Guru Angad and added his own as well as those of other Hindu saints whose poems conformed to the teachings of Sikhism. All of these were in Punjabi and easily understood by the common people. When a learned Brahmin once questioned the Guru; "Why do you impart instruction to your disciples not in Sanskrit the language of gods in which all the Hindu lore is written but in their mother-tongue like Punjabi the language of the illiterate mass." To this Guru Amar Das replied; "Sanskrit is like a well deep inaccessible and confined to the elite but the language of the people is like rain water - ever fresh abundant and accessible to all." He said; "I want my doctrines to be propagated through every language which the people speak for it is not language but the content that should be considered sacred or otherwise."


 Name   Satguru Amar Das Jee 'Bhale'
 Place of Avtar  Basar ke (San Sahib)
 Date of Avtar  1526 Bikrami Friday 5th May 1469
 Parents    Mata Lashmi Jee Baba Tej Paan Jee
 Wife/consort  Mata Ramo Jee
 Ascension to Guruship  1609 Bikrami Chet Khadoor Sahib 25th March 1552 AD
 Ascension to Sach Kand  1631 Bikrami Padro Goindval Sahib 1st October 1574 AD
 Kin   Sons - Baba Mohan Jee Baba Mohri Jee  Daughters - Bibi Dhani Jee Bibi Bhani Jee
 Lifespan  105 years 4 months 1 day
 Guruship   21 years 5 moths 14 days

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